ROTA MATBAA YAYINCILIK KAGIT VE PROMOSYON LTD. STI. Textile Accessories, Tags, Hangtags, Labels, Print Labels, Leather Labels, Wash Care Labels, Woven Labels
OMAS-OZALTIN OLUKLU MUKAVVA AMBALAJ SANAYII ANONIM SIRKETI Cartons, Paper Packaging, Cardboard Boxes, Box Boards, Corrugated Paper Boxes, Paper Boxes, Seperators, Hollow Seperators
YESILYURT MEDIKAL SAGLIK VE KOZMETIK URUNLERI SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. pharmacy, pharmaceutical, shampoo, medical shampoo, hair loss shampoo, dandruff shampoo, ringworm, medical pill
A. Y. M. AMBALAJ VE GIDA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Packaging, Paper Packaging, Paper Box, Cardboard Box, Parcel Package, Parcel, Carton, Paper Pack
KOLISTEKS KOLI VE TEKSTIL AKSESUARLARI DIS TIC. LTD. STI. Packaging Product, Paper Package, Paper Packaging, Box, Paper Box, Carton, Cardboard Box, Printed Cardboard
GIZA DIJITAL OFSET AMBALAJ SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Cardboard Box, Grinding Box, Puzzle, Gift Box, Paper Packaging, puzzle jigsaw, gift box, giftware box

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Rota Print & label was founded in 2004 as Carton Label manufacturer. Well-designed promotional & regular labels help distinguish your brand from the competition. Whether you want uniquely printed scratch-off labels, brightly collared peel-and-reveal labels or anything else your team can dream of we can help. Our vast portfolio of label solutions allows you total flexibility in cost and design.
We are a well-established brand with our production facility located in Adana, with the importance we attach to quality, success, and innovation in our journey we started in 1986. Omas Ambalaj has proven its quality with national and international quality certificates. It provides services to many sectors with its large production capacity. Operating on a closed area of ​​approximately 10,000 square meters, Omas Ambalaj outsources the paper and carries out all other production processes within its own body. It continues its quality journey by keeping up with the development.
In 1979, we took the basics of the accumulation of a large packaging company went into production in 1995 as an innovative packaging Daca began serving line. innovative structure of the different products, the latest technology in the mirror knowing Daca printing and packaging machinery park to consider the interests of the customer is committed to the production machines. A to Z of service with timely delivery to customers who Daca packaging paper boxes, cake stands cake into capsules, paper bags and so much in need of a product portfolio of the industry.
Our company is the only pharmaceutical company focused on solving hair problems in Turkey was established by specialists in the field of Hair Restoration and Treatment in 2004. The founding purpose of our company is to save people who have hair problems from many unscientific products and to produce solutions with drugs and herbal products that have been proven by scientific studies. Its work is to offer the most effective products to people by making use of the studies conducted in this field both by doctors and chemists at home and abroad. Since its first product, it has aimed to offer the most accurate and scientific option to those who have hair problems.
we have been serving in this sector since 1995 and we are constantly improving our company in order to meet the changing needs every day. We produce puzzles, jigsaws, educational games, paper bag and all types of boxes. We are manufactoring 24-36-48-60-100-250-500-1000-1500 pieces puzzle. Our company, which has been in the printing and printing industry since the 90s and has grown gradually to include the puzzle industry in recent years, not only sells its own products as Phoenix Puzzle, but also makes contract manufacturing for many domestic and foreign brands with its own brands. We provide our employees with a reliable production process with state-of-the-art fully automatic machines. Our priority is their trust-filled cooperation and satisfaction with chain markets and all our other partners in the country and abroad. Our main goal is to crown domestic production with our Phoenix Puzzle brand in our own country and abroad, as well as to make contract manufacturing for many brands in the world.
Since 2003, we have been producing boxes and packaging products with special designs for our customers.
Our company, which set out with the aim of producing paper, box and packaging materials in Istanbul in 2002, has developed its material portfolio in parcel production in line with the demands of customers and has become one of the successful companies in parcel production. Our company is also in the underwear sector and textile accessories production under the name of Orinoco textile, such that it is a company that produces an average of 20,000,000 underwear items annually and is established in this field